1.4.20 Blog 1Thing Daily Writing Habit. 1/4/20

First steps:
Separate posts into multiple projects.
Assign unique keys and dates.
Reorder by dates.

Identify audience for each blog.
Move category material to the proper audience.


  1. Consolidate categories into projects.
  2. Organize posts by dates in categories.
  3. First post in a “chapter” of posts has title in all caps and a one day date. Subsidiary posts are ordered by time within that date.
  4. Combine categories whenever possible.

A book = a category.
Long form topic = a subcategory.
There is always a Misc Bin subcategory for uncollected report level posts.
A chapter = a series of connected posts.

Warehouse Category = bin for categories not ready to be a project or at reported status. Posts in these categories are still drafts until reaching reporter status.

Indentify audience for each blog.
Move category material to the proper audience.

Audience: My appointment.

Audience: UMC Pastors and disciple making lay leaders. KRD and IGRC.
Box of Ideas

Audience: individuals who want self-improvement.
Box of Ideas

————– Jerusalem, Judea Samaria … flowing outward from local
Kinmundy … KRD … IRGC … UMC … USA.

Audience: learning environment for disciple making and left handed church. A class. Focus on doing.
Focused marketing … a la Pamela Wilson.

  1. DiscipleMaking101 class.
  2. Consultants work with small churches
  3. IOSME: Imaginary Order of St Matthew the Evangelist.
  4. Basically, a means to portray the implementing of the DiscipleMaking101 ideas in small churches.

Audience: learning environment for scholarly discussion of Ambidextrous Churches. Based on DMin project and related scholarship. Information sharing.
Focused marketing … a la Pamela Wilson.

Update all blogs. Install SimpleYearlyArchive plugin.
Posts: All (205) | Mine (177) | Published (87) | Sticky (1) | Drafts (118) | Trash (12)
111,664 words



12/15/19 Proper dates on all category 2019 sermons so far. Copied template to Wordperfect file. Proper dates on all category 2018 sermons so far.

Next step – for each sermon post in 2018, copy template at head. Move information to the proper place. Clean up. Polish and publish.

Next step: There do not appear to be sermons on the blog prior to 2018.

Next step: Identify Series … list series name and dates in post title. For each series, copy current sermon series template to head of each sermon post as many. Copy and paste sermon title, text, and links from Disciplewalk table into each sermon in the series. Clean up. Publish.

Next step: Create blank posts with proper dates for each sermon series of the year; copy template at head.

12-16-19 Worked on transferring 2017 Sermon table pages to blog posts for series.
12-17-19 Finished 2017 Sermons.
In the rest of Sermon Tables, list the series and the sermon titles six months per post with a link to the table in Disciplewalk.
12-18-19 Updated the 2016 page in 10 minutes. Instructions: Find disciplewalk.com page. Copy to Excel after expanding cell size to handle anything Shrink cell size to what is needed. Copy 2 column table with dates and sermon titles to post. Delete title column, decrease cell size again and copy to table to post underneath list of sermon titles.