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New Reference – April 2022 – S/PPRC Handbook here.

Old “Pastoral Expectations” Booklet here.

The Standing Rules
The Standing Rules of the Illinois Great Rivers Annual Conference are found on pages 341-360 of the 2014 Journal-Yearbook.
2021 Journal Yearbook – Standing Rules, Ministerial Matters p. 177, Local Church follows.

CENTRAL TEXAS CONFERENCE of The United Methodist Church
2016 PDF Book of Discipline – download here:

General information about the UMC:
Ask The UMC – live chat –

Kaskaskia-Cache River District Office
1508 Sioux Drive, Suite C
Marion, IL 62959-5209
District Office Email:
Phone: (618) 998-0135

Jennifer Lyerla – District Office Admin Assistant
Jennifer Lyerla of Anna will be serving the Kaskaskia-Cache River District (South District, effective Jan. 1, 2024) based in Marion, effective April 1. A graduate of Shawnee Community College, Lylerla has been a claims and benefits customer advocate with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois and Texas for 12 years. And from March 2006 to November 2016, she was Deputy Court Clerk for the Union County Circuit Court in Jonesboro where she handled a variety of administrative tasks related to the court.
“Jennifer is a person of faith, who loves and is dedicated to her family, and to her God. Her faith is deep,” said the Rev. Stan Irvin, superintendent of the Kaskaskia-Cache River District. “She possesses a desire to serve others, and to share the love of God with all who come into our District Office door.” Irvin notes, “Jennifer worked for 10 years in a Circuit Clerk’s Office. She has impeccable computer and office skills, which will serve our Conference well. Plus, her experience in a Circuit Clerk’s Office has well equipped her to aptly handle any attorney whom she might have to work with.” (Prior to returning to the Illinois Great Rivers Conference, Irvin was a prosecuting attorney in New York.)

District Sperintendent’s email:

Old “Pastoral Expectations” Booklet – TABLE OF CONTENTS Page

  1. A Mutual Ministry 4
  2. A New Model 4
  3. Four Essential Leadership Functions 4
  4. Understanding Pastoral Changes 6
  5. How Itineracy Works 7
  6. The Change of Pastors 10
  7. Job Descriptions 12
  8. Division of Hours in Multiple Point Charges 13
  9. “Working” Hours 13
  10. Worship and Sacramental Leadership 14
  11. Weddings and Funerals 15
  12. Supervision 15
  13. Sabbath 16
  14. Accessible for Emergencies 16
  15. Clergy Self-Care 17
  16. Clergy Family Care 17
  17. The Pastor’s Family 17
  18. The Parsonage 18
  19. Housing Allowance 19
  20. Financial Matters 20
  21. Mileage 21
  22. Consulting on Vacation Dates 21
  23. Educational Requirements 22
  24. Camping and Evangelistic Responsibilities 23
  25. Connectional Responsibilities 23
  26. Pulpit Supply 23
  27. Sick Days 24
  28. Family and Personal Days 24
  29. Annual Conference 24
  30. Former Pastors 24
  31. Problem-Solving & Conflict Resolution 25
  32. The Drama of Triangulation 30
  33. Helpful Hints for Problem-Solving 31
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