Please Pray For Our Neighbors struggling with Covid and related illnesses, at home or at the hospital, and their families. (Covid in Marion County is low on the transmission list)

Please Pray For Our Pastors: David Kueker, our Superintendents, (Allynn, Charliam and Stan) and our Bishop, Frank Beard. If you need Pastor Dave for prayer, please call or text his cell phone, 618-780-0151, or email him at dkueker@yahoo.com or on Facebook as David Oliver Kueker.

Prayer Request From Jesus: Matthew 9:37 Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; 38 pray therefore the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”

Please Pray For God To Bless Our “Care Card Ministry” Person Of The Week –
K Cecil Jones

Please Pray For God To Bless These People For Special Needs –
K Steve Shoots, of Salem is in Good Sam hospital (Last Sunday). Do not have an update. Steve was a regular at SALT lunches.
K Duane Hall, had a stroke last Sunday, was flown to Indiana hospital. He came home Tuesday to recuperate.
K Sam Lowe – He is in the Swing Bed Unit at Salem Hospital for therapy, saw his doctor on Thursday and it will be 4 weeks before he can put weight on his ankle. Send him a card at Salem Township Hospital, Room 2321, 1201 Ricker Dr, Salem, 62881.
K Aaron Guerrettaz – had surgery in New York 2/28. May have been released from hospital on Friday. Has Doctor appt on Tuesday and if all looks good he will travel back home.
K Rodney Armstrong – has Covid, still in hospital but beginning to improve.
K Gerri Molina – feeling better. Jill visited her on Friday. Her address is: Sellersburg Healthcare Center, Room 403, 7823 Old State Road 60 Sellersburg, IN 47172

Please Pray For God To Bless These People With Ongoing Needs –
Jane Lowe, Joyce Hodge (Susan Smith’s friend), Renee Woodward (Jeny Gura’s mother), Marti Ambrose, Larry Hebron, Marie Dickerson, Rock Landes, Joyce Holley, Gabina Lira, Molly Monical, Russell Kilby, Shirley Miller, John Holzhauer, Aaron Guerrettaz (Jo Williams’ nephew, Jim & Nancy Guerrettaz’s son), Jim Guerrettaz, Quinten Butts, Kayley Wilhelm, Larry & Dolores Johnson

Please Pray For God To Bless Our Military Families –
Sgt Rusty & Nicole (Nolan, Michael, Lydia) Robb – US Embassy in Dublin, Ireland

Please Pray For Those Grieving For –
– Mark Mobley, Dolores (Ford) Mobley’s husband
– Etta Bassett, Robert (Gomer) Bassett’s wife
– Bonnie Price, Mike Price’s grandmother
– Caitlin Engel, (Services are this weekend in Indiana); Julie
Jones’ cousin, Missy, Caitlin’s mother.

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