CHURCH SCHEDULE & EVENTS October 17 – 24, 2021

CHURCH SCHEDULE & EVENTS October 17 – 24, 2021

Sun 10/17
9:00 am … WORSHIP at Kinmundy First UMC
10:15 am … GATHERING in Fellowship Hall for Coffee & Cookies
10:30 am … SUNDAY SCHOOL at Kinmundy First UMC
10:45 am … WORSHIP at Wesley UMC
2:00 pm .., CHURCH CONFERENCE Meeting at Patoka UMC

Mon 10/18 5:30 pm … HAND N’ HAND

Tues 10/19 — … PASTOR DAVE’S Sabbath Day

Wed 10/20 1-5 pm … PASTOR DAVE Volunteers at Kinmundy Library

Sun 10/24
9:00 am … WORSHIP at Kinmundy First UMC
10:45 am .. WORSHIP at Wesley UMC


  1. ANNUAL CHURCH CONFERENCE MEETING this afternoon, 2:00 PM AT Patoka UMC. Everyone is invited to attend.
  2. HAND N’ HAND meets tomorrow, Monday, October 18th at 5:30! Kids are invited to wear their costumes! We will have a story and song time, supper, a scavenger hunt, and decorate pumpkins! Invite your friend’s families! Let us know you plan to attend to plan for food and fun!
  3. PARTY LINE PRAYER MEETING … would you be interested in participating in a “party line” prayer meeting? We would all telephone a number and share needs for prayer and have a time of fellowship with one another as a group over the phone. It would last as long as we wanted—perhaps on Wednesday evening and/or a weekday morning. Please let the pastor know if you are interested.
  4. THE PURPOSE OF A MEMBERSHIP AUDIT for both Kinmundy & Wesley Churches:
    To update contact information; we may need your help with this.
    To visit, probably by phone, and be up to date on life, especially with folks who haven’t
    attended in a while
    To learn how I, as their pastor, can pray for each of our members and how they are doing
    To update our membership records, and learn how people feel about being a member of our
    Every person connected to our church remains a part of our church family forever. Over the years, some join another church and we are not aware.

    We will be going through the membership book alphabetically for Kinmundy first, listing four names each week for prayer:
    Katrina & Hanna Goerke
    John Green
    Dick & Diane Hanks
    Randy Hassebrock

    We do not have complete contact information for those names above in italics. Can you help us? Also, if we misspell names, we apologize. Please let us know the correct spelling.
  5. SOBER REALITIES: Unvaccinated people may choose to wear masks for their own safety and the safety of other non-vaccinated people. Please do not crowd each other as we adjust to this change.
    Physical distance is the most effective precaution against COVID!
    It is possible but unlikely that a vaccinated person can get COVID. A vaccinated person with COVID is as contagious as anyone else, so some may choose to wear masks to protect others. You can be contagious before you even know you are ill. Not everyone feels safe not wearing a mask—please be kind. We’ve had a tough year! Please pray for wisdom for our government leaders and a calm response throughout this current surge of the Delta variant.
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