CHURCH SCHEDULE & EVENTS – August 29 – September 5, 2021

CHURCH SCHEDULE & EVENTS – August 29 – September 5, 2021

Sun 8/29
9:00 am … WORSHIP in Sanctuary at Kinmundy First UMC
10:15 am …GATHERING in Fellowship Hall for Coffee & Cookies
10:30 am … SUNDAY SCHOOL at Kinmundy First UMC
10:45 am … WORSHIP in Sanctuary at Wesley UMC
Tues 8/31
— … PASTOR DAVE’S Sabbath Day
6:00 pm … KIM’S BIBLE STUDY, Week 9
Wed 9/1
9:00 am … KIM’S BIBLE STUDY, Week 9
1:00 pm … QUILTERS Meet
1-5 pm … PASTOR DAVE Volunteers at Kdy Library
Sun 9/5
9 00 am … WORSHIP in Sanctuary at Kinmundy First UMC 10:45 am .. WORSHIP in Sanctuary at Wesley UMC

  1. Committee Meetings
  • Missions Committee, Monday, September 27, 11 am
  • Administrative Council, Monday, September 27, 7 pm
  • Other meetings related to our October 26 Church Conference will be set soon.
  1. SOBER REALITIES: Unvaccinated people may choose to wear masks for their own safety and the safety of other non-vaccinated people. Please do not crowd each other as we adjust to this change. Physical distance is the most effective precaution against COVID!
    It is possible but unlikely that a vaccinated person can get COVID. A vaccinated person with COVID is as contagious as anyone else, so some may choose to wear masks to protect others. You can be contagious before you even know you are ill. Not everyone feels safe not wearing a mask—please be kind. We’ve had a tough year! Please pray for wisdom for our government leaders and a calm response throughout this current surge of the Delta variant.
    ———- new information ——————————————-
    The Illinois Department of Public Health and the Governor announced Thursday (8/26/21) a state-wide mandate beginning on Monday, Aug. 30, that all people wear face masks while with non-household members in public indoor spaces. … As much as we’d like it to be otherwise, COVID-19 is still a danger to our congregations and communities. As disciples of Jesus Christ, the Great Physician, Christians are called to model the highest standards of care for others, especially those who are at higher risk of becoming sick.

    Encourage you to wear a mask while inside the church building
    Encourage you to spread out, as social distance protects everyone.
    Worship is prerecorded, so if you are feeling cautious or not feeling well, you can watch on your computer, tablet or smartphone by clicking on the link on the church Facebook page or the church blog at—top right corner.
    Will continue to send the bulletin and a transcript of the sermon by US mail each Monday to those who request it. We can also provide you with a DVD of the prerecorded service to watch on your TV at home if you request it.

    Unvaccinated people who have been potentially exposed should
    i) isolate for 14 days OR
    ii) isolate for 7 days after exposure and after receiving a negative test result (test
    must occur on day 5 or later) in accordance with CDC guidelines:…/if-you-are-sick/quarantine.html

    Fully vaccinated people do not need to isolate after a possible exposure but should
    do so immediately if they begin to experience any COVID-19 symptoms:
     Fever over 100° F.
     Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
     Cough
     Chills
     Fatigue
     Muscle or body pain
     Headache
     New loss of taste or smell
     Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
     Sore throat
     Congestion or runny nose

    Maintain 3-6 feet of social distance between yourself and non-household members. Give everyone more space if you are speaking loudly or singing indoors.

    Our communities need encouragement, hope, and love. Give everyone an extra amount of care, forgiveness, and grace. People are weary and heart-sick with the weight of COVID-19. Everyone is having to make difficult decisions and weigh complex risk-reduction strategies for themselves and others. Allow some extra grace for everyone. Listen and encourage before judging and attacking. Our successful witness as Christians is mostly about how we treat people, especially the people we encounter outside of our churches and ministries.
  2. HAILEE IS 8 TODAY. Happy birthday from all of us at KUMC.
  3. TWILIGHT CIRCLE — Members of the TWILIGHT CIRCLE met at the Salem Grace U.M.C. in Salem for an “outing/meeting” Thursday, August 26. The church opened their “GIFT SHOP” just for the group’s safety, with all wearing masks. It was amazing seeing all the HANDWORK donated by members and friends of the church. Beautiful quilts, baby blankets, bibs, carriers for hot food, potholders, dishcloths, etc. Following purchasing items (all money goes to mission) they were then shown two other rooms, one where they do craftwork for the GIFT SHOP and one with baby items mothers can earn “BUCKS” for purchasing things by bringing a church bulletin, using the WIC program, donating blood, etc.
    Susan Smith was the hostess and afterwards treated the ladies to a milkshake at DENNY’S where they had their regular meeting. Her devotions were on the book of JOB. Those attending were Susan, Sandy, Diane, Patsy, Joyce, Helen and her guest Brenda. It was a nice change of getting together. Jeanette had to cancel out and was missed.
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