CHURCH SCHEDULE & EVENTS – August 22 – August 29, 2021

August 22 – August 29, 2021


Sun 8/22
9:00 am … WORSHIP in Sanctuary at Kinmundy First UMC
10:15 am …GATHERING in Fellowship Hall for Coffee & Cookies
10:30 am … SUNDAY SCHOOL at Kinmundy First UMC
10:45 am … WORSHIP in Sanctuary at Wesley UMC

Mon 8/23
7:00 pm … ENDOWMENT Meeting

Tues 8/24
— … PASTOR DAVE’S Sabbath Day

Wed 8/25
1:00 pm … TWILIGHT CIRCLE – Susan Smith has devotions
1-5 pm … PASTOR DAVE Volunteers at Kinmundy Library

Sun 8/29
9 00 am … WORSHIP in Sanctuary at Kinmundy First UMC
10:45 am … WORSHIP in Sanctuary at Wesley UMC


  1. Upcoming Committee Meetings:
    Mon 8 23 7:00 pm Endowment Meeting
  2. SOBER REALITIES: Unvaccinated people may choose to wear masks for their own safety and the safety of other non-vaccinated people. Please do not crowd each other as we adjust to this change. Physical distance is the most effective precaution against COVID!
    It is possible but unlikely that a vaccinated person can get COVID. A vaccinated person with COVID is as contagious as anyone else, so some may choose to wear masks to protect others. You can be contagious before you even know you are ill. Not everyone feels safe not wearing a mask—please be kind. We’ve had a tough year! Please pray for wisdom for our government leaders and a calm response throughout this current surge of the Delta variant.

3.TWILIGHT CIRCLE — Presents 30th newborn baby basket. Pasilee May Elizabeth Smith born June 13, 2021, received a baby basket this past week from the Twilight Circle. Items included in the basket are clothing, diapers, blankets, a stuffed animal, etc, a crocheted blanket made by Judy McCarty and a gift card. Pasilee May Elizabeth Smith is the daughter of Destiny Smith of Kinmundy. Grandparents are Jeff & Janna Smith, great grandparents are Terry & Iva Hicks and Paul and Chris Smith. In 2014 twilight members presented the first newborn baby basket to Victoria Simmons for Aubree. There have been 17 baby girls and 13 baby boys receive the baskets. If any church member has a family member or friend who has a newborn baby or will be having one soon, let Joyce Holley or one of the Twilight Circle members know.

  1. ANSWERED PRAYERS — UPDATE ON BISHOP BEARD: Bishop Frank J. Beard has just released the following, 8/20/21:
    Members and Friends of the Illinois Great Rivers Conference of the United Methodist Church:
    Thanks for your prayers and expressions of concern and love regarding my medical leave. The surgery on my left eye was successful and I am improving. The pressure in my left eye is now down to 8. The doctor is amazed. I am so thankful for the prayers. The healing process is slower than I would like but I am adjusting to the limitations. The doctors say it will take about 10 weeks for my eye to heal. The plan is to have the surgery on my right eye Oct. 28. I remain on schedule to return to active duty Jan. 1. Melissa sends her love and expresses her appreciation for all of your prayers, cards, calls and other expressions of love.
    God bless, Bishop Frank Beard
  1. PRAYER FAMILIES OF THE WEEK — Please Pray For God’s Blessings
    Brad & Mary Brimberry
    Clint & Stacie Burleyson; Megan, Kendall & Carter
    Heather Bushue
    Matt & Carrie Bushue; Reese, Kayden
    We are beginning an audit of our membership books.
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