WEEKLY CHURCH CALENDAR — May 2 – May 9, 2021


Sun 5/2
9:00 am … FACE-TO-FACE WORSHIP at Kinmundy First UMC in sanctuary, Drive-In listening (FM 87.9) on the parking lot or WATCH Pastor Dave’s video of the entire worship service at kinmundychurch.org
10:45 am … FACE-TO-FACE WORSHIP at Wesley UMC

Tues 5/4
6:00-8:00 pm … WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY

Wed 5/5
9:00-11:00 am … WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY

Sun 5/9
9:00 am .. FACE-TO-FACE WORSHIP at Kinmundy First UMC
10:45 am … FACE-TO-FACE WORSHIP at Wesley UMC

Safety precautions in short – We social distance and wear a mask (or face shield) throughout the service as safety precautions.

We Would Like You To Know —

    Mon 5 24
    7:00 pm … Ad Council Meeting
    (Most committees will have a meeting between now and Mother’s Day.)
    If you would like to attend any meeting from home by phone or over the Internet, please let Pastor Dave know or call Vervadene in the church office.
  2. KIM KUEKER would like to create a video honoring Mothers & Grandmothers of Kinmundy & Wesley church members for Mother’s Day. You can bring photos to the church office or send them by email to Vervadene at Kumc11@outlook.com or attach a comment on the church facebook page. Please do this by Thursday morning, May 6.
  3. “IT’S EASTER … Summer’s coming!”
    Teams of three or more, plus the pastor, are forming to plan our return to all church activities. (Rule of Three: if we don’t have three people willing to help, we will assume that it is not God’s timing for us to bring back that activity just yet.)
    Every one of us is called to do some kind of work for Jesus. What interests, inspires or excites you that your church could be doing? What would you like to see happen in your church?
    TEAMS with three or more helpers, active and working now:
    All church committees
    Twilight Circle
    The FELLOWSHIP MEAL TEAM is already planning fellowship & potlucks for later this spring.
    The HEALTH & SAFETY TEAM advises the Pastor and makes decisions on needed safety precautions for worship and all church activities.
    IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP with any of these teams or to start one to bring back a new or former church activity, let the pastor know.
  4. OUR PRAYER FAMILIES for this week — Members & Friends –
    Wayne Bushue Family; Heather Bushue, Leah Blomberg, Austin,
    Aiden, Alivia; Matt & Carrie Bushue, Reese, Kayden.
    Jim Butts; Trever Butts
    Bryce Geiler Family
    Mike & Liz Gasperini
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