OUR CHURCH FAMILY PRAYER PAGE — February 14 – February 21

PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR PASTORS: David Kueker, our Superintendent, Carol Lakota Eastin, and our Bishop, Frank Beard. If you need Pastor Dave for prayer, please call or text his cell phone, 618-780-0151, or email at dkueker@yahoo.com. Or on Facebook as David Oliver Kueker.

Prayer Request From Jesus: Matthew 9:37 Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; 38 pray therefore the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”

Please Pray For God To Bless Our “Care Card Ministry” Person Of The Week
K Louise Cheatum, Apt 107, Centralia Estates, 1916 E McCord St, Centralia, IL 62801

Please Pray For God To Bless These People For Special Needs –
K David Mendenhall – Has cancer, would appreciate prayers, his wife is Teresa (Tate), Eleanore Tate’s daughter. David is a friend of Steve Wilkins.
K John Holzhauer – Weakened Immune system
K Russell Kilby – Ongoing health concerns, not well enough to work now.
K Helen Sullivan – Continuing to heal from surgery, grieving for Larry.

Please Pray For God To Bless These People With Ongoing Needs –
Brad Brimberry, Aaron Guerrettaz (Jo Williams’ nephew, Jim & Nancy Guerrettaz’s son), Erica Fox, Israel Molina, Kay Feather Lydick, Caitlin Engel (Julie Jones’ cousin), Quinten Butts, Barbara Shanafelt, Haven Mueller, Brittany Sauter & Dustin Knott, Mike Donoho, Brenton Connor, Kayley Wilhelm, Gary White, Larry & Dolores Johnson (Kim’s Parents),
Nancy Weeks-Lafenhagen

Please Pray For God To Bless Our Military Families –
Chris Myers – Serving in Indonesia (Shirley Miller’s Son)
Sergeant Rusty & Nicole (Nolan, Michael, Lydia) Robb – Member of the Presidential Helicopter Squardron.
Navy Lieutenant Commander Jason Montgomery – Serving on aircraft carrier USS Nimitz.
(Gerri’s helper’s son)

Please Pray For Those Grieving For –
– Donna Ford Jackson, Springfield, K-A class of 1960
– Scott Bargh, Salem, K-A class of 1977
– Glenda (Schooley) Moore, Salem

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