We Would Like You To Know — 1/17/2021

We Would Like You To Know —

Quote released by the Bishop regarding the verdict by the State of Illinois:

“UPDATE: Region 5 has met all four metrics. They join Regions 2, 3, and 7 in moving to Tier 2 mitigations. Region 6 has met 3 of 4 metrics and may be able to move to Tier 2 in the next couple of days if trends continue, and Region 4 has met 1 of 4 metrics.”This news is just as of Thursday! We are Region 5 in Marion county.

Pastor Dave will be talking with the Kinmundy Administrative Council about a return to face-to-face worship on 1/24 … Sunday after this coming.Wesley also plans to wait until 1/24.Our move into Tier 2 Mitigation involves this medical advice for the safety of those gathering – basically a return to what we were doing before, with all of our safety precautions in place:

– For regular worship gatherings, churches are strongly recommended but not required to limit their gatherings to 25 people or 25% of the room capacity, whichever is smaller

– For all other gatherings, including funerals and weddings, gatherings should be limited to 10 people or less- Church buildings can open with staff working the offices- In all situations, masks are required without a doctor’s certification that the person is exempt and social distancing of 6 feet or more should be observed.

The move to Tier 2 from Tier 3 is based on the following criteria:
· Test positivity rate of less than 12 percent, based upon a 7-day rolling average
· Hospital bed availability of more than 20 percent in Intensive Care Units, based upon a 3-day rolling average
· Hospital medical and surgical bed availability of more than 20 percent, based upon a 3-day rolling average
· A decrease in Covid-19 patients in the hospital, based upon a 7-day rolling average

There are still many concerns regarding the safety of gathering during a time of Coronavirus. Bad things are predicted for large cities. But people in our region are working hard to keep each other safe.

PASTOR DAVE will continue providing a video of an entire worship service on the Internet for you to watch at home each week throughout the Spring. We will still mail a transcript and make a DVD for those who request it.

2. WRITERS NEEDED for Kaskaskia River District LENTEN DEVOTIONAL
Many enjoyed the Thanksgiving Devotional this fall. It’s a great way for us to stay connected as churches in the district during this pandemic that keeps us apart.

The theme is “From Ash Wednesday to Resurrection Sunday: A Lenten Journey,” which spans from February 17 to April 4.

Writers should center their thoughts on our/their specific journeys with God. We will need 47 submissions. Pastor Therese Malena is creating the cover.

Devotional entries should be no more than 250 words. We also ask authors to send digital photos of themselves.

Deadline is Sunday, January 31.

These can be emailed to pastorrogerboyd@gmail.com.

Rev. Carol Lakota Eastin

3. ON SUNDAY SHRINER MEMBER DICK HANKS, on behalf of the KUMC Endowment Committee presented a check in the amount of $15,000 to Chaplain Carl Hall for the Shriners Hospital of St. Louis. Chaplain Hall is 93 and is still a very active volunteer at the Hospital. The Missions Committee also donated $5,000 to the hospital earlier, for a total of $20.000 being contributed in 2020.

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