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We Would Like You To Know —

  1. Dear friends: Thank you for attending our worship face to face over the previous months and following every possible safety precaution. As you know COVID-19 cases are on the rise and it is simply not safe to meet face to face at this time. COVID is now the third leading cause of death in the state of Illinois, right behind heart disease and cancer.
    Our Bishop has requested no face to face worship till mid-January. Our Administrative Council agreed with this, as the situation is worse. The Pastor thinks that if you wanted to take a risk, you would rather spend time with your family.
    So we wanted to send you this letter so you would know there is no inside or parking lot worship this Sunday at either church until later in January.
    Instead, I will be recording a video of the entire service so you can watch it as a video over the internet in your own home on your computer or your smartphone.
    If you don’t have the Internet, a computer or a smartphone, we can make a DVD that someone could leave on your front porch. Please call the church office at 547-7423 if you would like to have a DVD.
    We will continue to mail the bulletin with the sermon transcript and prayer concerns every week to those that request them. Call the church office or the Pastor if you are not already receiving these. Also, watch the church Facebook page for the latest news.
    We’ll be back! But for this period of time, please be careful and please stay safe!
    Pastor Dave
  2. Due to your care in following safety precautions, no one has gotten COVID from a church activity at our church. THANK YOU!
  3. THE TWILIGHT CIRCLE is collecting HATS, GLOVES AND SOCKS (boys and girls, all sizes) for the South Central Schools. They can be taken to the church office and placed on the tables there. School representative Lindsay Lash will pick them up Friday, December 18.
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