Endowment Board Email sent 12/17/2020

Dear friends
An Endowment Board meeting is planned for 12/21/2020, 7 pm, in the church Fellowship Hall, socially distanced, with the option of you calling in by phone or attending online in order to vote. (Some of you are getting this email sent to your spouse, so you may get it more than once!) Please reply and let me know that you have received it.

Merry Christmas!  This is our opportunity to be generous to our community or to programs around the world.

Earlier this year we had approved a road construction project for $42,000 or so, which will not happen in 2020 – so we have up to the full budgeted amount which can be given away, which is $160,000. There are 9 of us on the Board.

What I would like to suggest to you is that each of the nine of us submit requests for grants that qualify under our rules for up to $17,777.77.

Your request could be one grant for $17,777.77 or ten for $$1,777.77 each, or in varying amounts up to $17,777.77.
Your request could also be to “leave it all in the bank for now” – which would allow it to be there for the future.
Your request could be for something we regularly give to – the Kinmundy Library, for example – or once before, like Mission South Central, or for something we’ve never given to before. 

In order to give you ideas, I’ve shared a booklet of UMC Advance Specials – which have the approval and recommendation of our denomination so they have been thoroughly investigated – and it’s also here online: https://advance.umcmission.org/

Another list mostly closer to home in Illinois is here – Advance Specials approved by our annual conference:  https://www.igrc.org/files/tables/content/14250273/fields/files/3ad837499e9f4bb0999949c02ea8e2c6/igrc+advance+descriptions.pdf 

And another is here: https://www.igrc.org/files/tables/content/13098027/fields/files/467ec0310a8d472c85125cd8f4c76cd5/2020fivestar+book.xlx.pdf

Other favorites include The Preacher’s Aid Society – which helps retired pastors from our conference – https://www.igrc.org/servicesofpasbf

and the $2.5 million campaign Our Conference Our Kids – to provide chaplains at six of our IGRC Institutions  https://www.embraceocok.org/

I’m very happy to help you look for a specific project if you like … there are so many, and one would be just right for you – farmers in Africa, an orphanage in South America, a United Methodist Seminary in Dallas, or any other enthusiasm you have.

We also have the following:
Chaddock has made a request for $10,000 from us – https://www.chaddock.org/about-us

And we have a new Seminary student application, Mike Olson – would be eligible for $800 in the Spring semester. You could review his forms now, in the new year, or authorize the scholarship committee to review his forms and make a decision (Pastor Dave, Susan Smith & Steve Wilkins).

Please let me know what you think by email. Thanks!

Pastor Dave

But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, without uncertainty or insincerity. And the harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace. James 3:17-18

ENDOWMENT BOARD (per the Endowment Agreement)
A quorum shall consist of 5 voting members.The president will be elected at the first meeting each year.
The Pastor as permanent member: David Kueker
The Treasurer as permanent member: Judy McCarty
The Chair of the Administrative Council: Mike Williams
The Lay Leader: Steve Wilkins* (President)
The Chair of the Trustees or designee: Dick Hanks
The Chair of Missions: Joyce Holley
Three (3) at-large members elected by the Charge Conference
2020 Jo Williams
2021 Bill Walters2022
Joanne Luttrell (Vice-president & Secretary) 

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