Janice Sheridan Advice 07/02/20

Janice Sheridan Advice 07/02/20

1. Focus on yourself in a healthy way.
2. Learn how to use healthy boundaries which are milder than amygdala hijack protocol.

Me: as my idea of happiness is to be romantically fused and totally enmeshed with a woman who meets all my needs (like a mother), I’m not sure that deep down inside myself I know how to be healthy.
But I’ll keep on reading, learning and working to live the best life. And understand what I need in a healthy way.

7-4/20 Kim is someone who loves an enmeshed relationship, has anxious attachment, was neglected as a child, so she is more positively adapted to what I want than many people could be. If I can give her some breathing room from codependency, then I may have a lot of what I want.
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