GTD/NPM: Burns-13. Loss of sex drive

GTD/NPM: Burns-13. Loss of sex drive

13. Loss of sex drive: Have you lost your interest in sex?
– Anhedonia.
– self reproach, loss of ability therefore feeling bad about myself due to comparison to others, feel like a failure.
– testosterone deficiency, lifetime. Obesity.
– some of this is low testosterone and some of it is depression and some of it is anhedonia.
– The part that is depression is related to the lack of confidence that I have in the romantic and sexual love of my wife. I am honestly very disappointed and feel rather foolish.

GTD – the Natural Planning Model

Step 1: Defining Purpose and Principles
– I have repented and reparented myself to have a healthy sense of male sexual entitlement to pleasure,
– I have healed from sexual harm from Debi through the present.
– I subscribe to a healthy sexuality based on Dr. Robert Glover’s understanding. (PET)
– I exercise my body and my libido to be ready to enjoy my sexuality.

Step 2: Outcome Visioning
I work on my emotional sexual healing.
I exercise my body and libido.
I practice Glover Lover PET Principles.
I follow planned relationship protocols.

Step 3: Brainstorming
With this vision fresh on my mind, I started seven small mind maps–encapsulating all the actions and characteristics I want to translate into habits.

Step 4: Organizing
Here’s where I took all those principles, dreams, and brainstorms and translated them into a very doable list.

Step 5: Identifying Next Actions
Before placing these four items onto my “Current Projects” List, I identified my Next Actions and put them on my context-based list.

August 19 Reboot:

Tiny Habits:
Anchor: When I …
Behavior: I will …
Celebrate: And celebrate by …

1 Thing options for this area:

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