Prayer Needs for Sunday 5-10-20 (as of Saturday evening):

Prayer Needs for Sunday 5-10-20 (as of Saturday evening):

“WORSHIP AT HOME” for Sunday 5/10/20 will be available tomorrow morning at

Prayer needs for today include:

– Janice Eischens reports that her brother Dan Cheatum is still at Doctor’s Nursing Home for physical and respiratory therapy.

– Louise Cheatum is doing well but would be blessed by a friendly phone call – early afternoons and evenings are the best time. Please remember to let it ring for a long time as it can take a long time for Louise to get to the phone.

– Mike Pannell is home, still has a chest tube. Feeling a little better.

– Cathy Marble, Brittany and Brandon Sauter’s aunt, waiting for biopsy results after major surgery to learn if she will need chemo or radiation treatment or both.

– John Holzhauer, Janice Wink’s brother, is waiting for another PET scan to be scheduled to check out new spot.

Thank you for your prayers!
Please feel free to add additional prayers and updates in the comments.

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