SPIRITUAL EXERCISES for “Shelter in Place” Christians

SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINE OF THE DAY … friends, we might not be able to meet together in these days, but we can still strengthen our faith at home.

When we do what we typically do in a church worship location together, ONLY AT HOME, it can provide us with powerful, personal spiritual benefits. It’s like working out, only with spiritual exercises … you can go to the gym, take a class with a teacher to guide you through the moves, and have a great workout. But if the gym is closed, you CAN work out at home.

John Wesley encouraged “public worship” but also “private worship” – for the people called Methodists to practice their faith at home on a daily basis as a way to balance their public faith.

STARTING THROUGH HOLY WEEK, generally once a day, I’m going to provide you with a daily spiritual exercise. You get to count 1 point each day for doing each of your exercises … what will your cumulative score be at the end of this month?

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  1. Gerri Molina says:

    Read Upper Room, Morning with Jesus and Daily Guidepost today..spent time in my prayer chair and made a few calls to check on “ shut ins” and prayed with some of them!

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