Worship in Film: Places In The Heart – Last Scene.

WORSHIP IN Film for 12/7/19. The communion at the ending of the movie “Places In The Heart” always breaks me down and lifts me up. For me, this is what heaven must be like. Honestly.

Throughout the film a number of characters do cruel and sinful things to each other. At the close of the film people in the film gather for worship at a small church. It seems that the couple where adultery was committed are reconciling. As the camera widens we see friends and foes with each other, together in worship. After a bit we noticed people who are not living, but who are present in church with each other. We now realize that this is not a scene of this Earth but it what it is to come.

The grace given to others who have harmed us. Unspoken forgiveness. Unspoken reconciliation. “Peace of God.”

“Peace of God” to you, my friends and foes. We will meet here to kneel one day, whether you wish it or not.

Background on this film: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Places_in_the_Heart
Places in the Heart was released in theatres on September 21, 1984.
Places in the Heart (1984) – Last Scene

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