Sermon Series: Holy Week and Holidays

Sermon Series: Holy Week and Holidays

About the series

Sermons in the series plus links.

03-18-18  Cluster Service at Farina UMC: Why This Waste? Mark 14:3-9   Audio  Blog Slides

03-25-18  Palm Sunday: The Invitation   Audio  Blog Slides

03-29-18  Maundy Thursday Service – at Kinmundy UMC   Audio  Blog Slides

04-01-18  Easter Sunrise – at Kinmundy UMC with the Kinmundy Christian Church

04-01-18  Easter Morning Services – 9 am Kinmundy, 10:45 at Wesley   Audio  Blog Slides

05-13-18  Mother Your Neighbor as Yourself Mt 22:34-40, Lk 24:44-53   Audio  Blog Slides

05-20-18  Pentecost: Cooperate With The Comforter Rom 8:28 Mt 22:34-40 Acts 1:4-8   Audio  Blog Slides

05-27–18  Memorial Day: Building Heroes, Uphill Hebrews 11:32-40, 12:1-14   Audio  Blog Slides

06-10-18  Father Your Neighbor as Yourself Hebrews 12:5-11

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