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We Would Like You To Know —

WORSHIP THIS WEEK …  three options:

1.  At this time, due to surging Coronavirus rates, the United Methodists Churches of our Illinois Great Rivers Conference are not holding face-to-face services until at least December 20, 2020. Please click on the link at the blog post of the day in the “Attend Worship at Home” category to watch the entire worship service as a video on your home computer, tablet or smartphone as of November 22, 2020.

2. A copy of the “Worship at Home” service AND a sermon transcript will be emailed or sent by US Mail Monday to anyone who requests it. Call the church office at 547-7423 to subscribe.

3. If you don’t have the internet and you would like to watch the video on DVD, please call the church office.


If anyone wishes to have Communion please contact Pastor Dave and he will schedule a midweek morning or evening “socially distant” Communion Service at the church to serve you communion.

PASTOR DAVE intends to telephone all active members in the coming months, so don’t be surprised when your phone rings or there is a message on the answering machine from him! If you’d rather not wait, call the church office (547-7423) to let him know you would like a phone visit!


SAFETY RULES FOR INSIDE, FACE-TO-FACE WORSHIP – Postponed at this time until after the holidays.

The Kinmundy worship planning team met June 15, 2020, and made decisions for our return to worship in the sanctuary. (All interested were invited to attend that meeting.)   WE EXPECT THAT LIFE WILL REMAIN UNUSUAL (and require some inconvenience and discomfort) THROUGH THE SUMMER and hopefully be back to normal this fall. And now the New Year! (We hope to return to worship face-to-face soon.)

1. Six-foot minimum social distancing is identified by bulletins placed on pews, which are also marked with a verticle strip of green masking tape. Families can sit together but please maintain that distance with others, especially when moving about.

2. We will still broadcast the service on FM 87.9 so that people can attend in their cars, whether for reasons of safety or comfort (mask optional).

3. For safety, wearing a mask in the church sanctuary is mandatory; the virus is spread by the exhaled breath of people, and you can be contagious two weeks before you know it. Outside the church and in your car is a “mask optional” zone.  (If needed, we will attempt to create a mask optional zone within the church building.) The pastor has a mask for you if you need one!

4. If you are going to sneeze, please cover your mouth with a Kleenex. A box should be present at each seating spot.

5. The pastor will wear a face shield while preaching as “sermon virus” can spread over 20+ feet.

6. Please do not sing aloud in the sanctuary during hymns, as that widely spreads the virus. Humming along softly is OK. Singing outside and in your car is OK. Please enjoy the recorded Southern Gospel music as it is shared. Thank you to the artists and/or production companies who have given us permission to use their videos.

7. Groups under 50 can meet inside the church building with masks and social distance. We’ll let our bible studies and other groups decide if they wish to meet at the church this summer or wait until the fall. Meeting outside or elsewhere is OK.

8. We are not providing food but you can “bring your own beverage” to any meeting.

9. As United Methodists, we follow our Bishop’s recommendations, which are based on Illinois Department of Public Health safety guidelines. You can view them here:
Coming Back to the Heart of Worship
Phase 4 Guidelines
Phase 3 Guidelines

10.  Our goal is to provide the safest possible environment for inside worship at Kinmundy UMC and Wesley UMC, plus safe choices for our members to worship in this time of the coronavirus pandemic.  We will not compromise.

(This is why a mask or face shield is required to attend worship in the Kinmundy Church sanctuary.)

CURRENT REALITY: As the Coronavirus spreads, large UMC churches as close as Olney, IL, have retreated to parking lot services, canceling their indoor services. Other churches throughout the south are going backward to online services only. All UMC Church buildings and property in Mississippi are shut down entirely, no gatherings of any kind, including for worship, due to the spread of Coronavirus in that state. We do not feel the need to retreat as long as everyone present cooperates with all known safety precautions. If we do need to make a change, it will be to return to parking lot worship in your cars.


KinmundyChurch.org: The Blog of the Kinmundy and Wesley United Methodist Churches, 308 E. 3rd St, Kinmundy, IL, 62854

AFTER CORONAVIRUS requirements cease, we will return to our normal schedule:
Worship at Kinmundy: 9 am Sunday. At Wesley: 10:45 Sunday.
Wednesday@Wesley Bible Study for both churches: 7 pm Wednesdays.

Visit us on Facebook here!

Listen to or download sermons and slides by clicking here.

Vision Statement: We are a functional family of God, where Jesus is Lord and people grow.
Mission Statement: “Every layperson is called to carry out the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20); every layperson is called to be missional.” (¶126, Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church)

The world has 2 needs and 2 kinds of people: People who need to become disciples
and disciples who need to become disciple-makers.

Kinmundy United Methodist Churches
308 3rd Street, Kinmundy, IL 62854
AFTER CORONAVIRUS CANCELATIONS, Worship at 9 am.  Please join us!        

Wesley United Methodist Church
3381 Kinoka Rd, Patoka, IL  62875


Weekday policy: if South Central public schools are closed because of bad weather,
church activities that day are postponed.
Be Safe!

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