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Easter’s many things too many people for many people. Many churches. Easter is the day on the calendar. It’s the day of fluffy buddies hug each other. It’s the day Easter eggs. So full of vague and summer fully candy. It’s it’s a holiday.

And there’s nothing wrong. But it’s a little bit more for Easter to become a holy day. And more. And in order to understand Easter is a holy day, we need to see the resurrection and not just sad. We need to go through the resurrection. Because until we experienced the resurrection and that’s what it’s meant to be, it’s just another day on the calendar Easter has not happen. Until it happens in our heart. And what that means for a lot of people Easter hasn’t happened yet. Chapter 16th verse 5 and entering the two they saw a young man sitting on the right side, dressed in a white robe, and they were amazed. Women had abroad spices and white moments to the two that Sunday morning, they could not come on Saturday because that once the Sabbath, they haven’t prepared. Jesus is body for burial that has you wait till Sunday morning. But when they got there, the stone was rolled aside.


There was an angel there. The angel said to them do not be amazed. You seek Jesus of Nazareth who was crucified, he has risen. He is not here, see the place where they laid him. And they looked in, they saw the place and then the angel gives them a job. Go tell his disciples. eggbeater. But he Jesus is going before you in the Galilee. There you will see, you know, as he told

you. Thursday, notice that they went out and fled from the two. For a trembling and astonishment had come upon them. And they said, nothing. To anyone. Where they were afraid. Now, some time between this moment. And not very long after.

They experienced Easter in the heart. Until the Easter was something they had heard about, they heard about affirmative angel. But it hasn’t happened yet because they were so of trained. They were not yet people who believe in eastern is the eastern has happened. It’s an event in history. We know that. But it had not happened for

them. They were still stuck on Friday. Mary made one sees the man in the garden thinks he’s the gardener, comes up to him and says, you know where they take him my Lord. You seem to her. She was stuck on Friday. Other people get stuck on Saturday, where you just waiting and waiting and waiting and being afraid can make us. Feel like little children’s mobilize and helpless.

Easter is happen. But they didn’t know it. Because it had not yet happen. Within minutes. Of running back into the side. They realized the meaning of what they could see. And now they can tell. We saying is talking to Easter sunrise. Were you there?

Were you there when they crucified my Lord? Were you there when they made him in the two? Were you there when God raise them from the dead? Brings the bible says, we work. You were there. Let’s look at Bill first. Chapter six first one, what shall we say there are really continue incident? That race me

abound verse to by no means how can we do died? Two said, you know the two indictments in. How can we who died? This said still it it. Verse three do you not know that all of us who have been baptized into crises were baptized were put into were immersed into his death? Were you there when they crucified my

Lord? This bible, verse says, you work. Do you understand it? Probably not. But there’s a lot of things in the bible that we don’t understand. Somehow we were there when Jesus died. And we don’t. First four we were buried therefore with him by a baptism ended death. Notice the tens

of the bird. We were buried. This is done. Why so that is Christ was raised from the dead by the gory with the father. We need to mind walk noticed some tens of the verb. It may have happened. It may not have happened. But you have the opportunity to walk in numerous of life, why

birds fly for if we’d been United with him and his dad vicarious than the previous verse says, we work. We shall certainly be United with resurrection like his. But this is a potential. Now about matter. As eastern attractive. For you. Now considered where you are.

On Friday, Jesus was nailed to the cross and he died. And these versus saying, very clearly we were there. We were buried therefore, when Jesus will late in the to the earth’s says, we were there. But you know something Jesus got up and walked out of the two. But not everybody has gotten up.

And walked down. Powdered that for a moment. But I had several hours, I would tell you the story of the life of John Wesley, how he grew up as the son of a pastor, grandson of a pastor. Went to Oxford, University went to seminary, was ordained, decided he would be a missionary. The Georgia he had, everything is fine. And

correct. But all its way on the sea across the ocean to Georgia, he encountered them Arabians and he encountered people who within their heart, there was the thing that was all alive. And all of a sudden he realized that he did not have a fait bet was alive. And I want to tell you night and day for 2 and a half meters from

1735 til aldersgate day in may of 1738 drought Wesley sought this kind of living things. And he wrote that on that died at those little small group meeting on all of our states. Part was strangely more. He was able to walk out of tune. And live with

one. To experience in a way. And so resurrect. A whole lot of us. And I’ve had a similar experience. Two, others of us like John Wesley, it’s the data on the calendar is something we understand with our mind, but it hasn’t reached into our heart just quite yet. It all began for me on leave

your day of 19 72. I grew up in the Lutheran church Missouri say. And there was a high school student, I was listening to this band and Jesus people, and they have something that I knew that I didn’t have. I want to tell you I am it. And that night I went to the wives. So on the floor. Man

preached a sermon I don’t remember a word of what he said, but at the end, we talked about invitation last week. At the end, he said, if you want what you see in the hearts of the habit and I wanted it and I’ve praying the prayer, and when I stood up and they came and prayed for me and other people, they went home that night. And I said to myself, that was interesting because you see nothing had happened.

But the next morning, I woke up a different person. I came back from the services that night. They ask, people can stood up 1 and what have you experienced? And I said, well, it feels really strange. Like I’ve been reborn. Remember I grew up with for I never heard this born again. Stuff. It was all new to me, but it felt exactly like that to experience the resurrection quite often

in the life of human beings, the spiritual life. As we develop and grow, it tastes a rite of passage of some sort that race lose the power, the resurrection in our life. Sometimes it’s a mission trip. Sometimes it’s the walk were may as you’ve heard him and I talked about this, but that time apart, some house opens us up and lose them to stop so that we can in a matter of days

find the thing that John Wesley spent 2 and a half years. Searching full. The kind of faith were suddenly all things. Become. We can come alive. In a way that we did not know. Before. You’ve heard me use this illustrates than before. I like you to imagine this fluorescent light bulb. I this

tendency to swing it like a light saber and. One could break such a thing somehow. I pretend to sway like a light saber. You know how these bald work. They are full of the gas. The wind power with electricity flows through it. That gas begins to get excited. In fact, that’s literally what the physicists saying. They say the gas gets excited in vibrates in moves. If gets

excited and will it gets excited it below. And that’s how fluorescent lights work. When the power goes through them, they light up. And you all are the same way there is not a wrong with the us tube. You see pictured almost pre- there’s nothing wrong with it, but it can be. What it wants to be a can be when God made it to

be until the power is flowing through it. And then all of a sudden the light shining in. Paul said that he was seeking an striving, but he may know him Jesus as the power of his resurrection. You heard me say a few weeks ago there is a command, let your lights shine. Jesus didn’t ask you to let your light shine on your own strength.

And if the power of his resurrection. The lights. You. Let me tell you a joke. It’s one of those jokes I have to warn you in advance. This joke healthy. Well, looks at our wives. So is a heavy sigh goes into her son’s

better. She says, Honey, it’s time for you to get out. You need to go to school. You’re going to be late again. Her son goes, I don’t want to go. So you have to go to school, get up the addressed. It’s time to go school. It’s time for you to rise up and go to school. And the son says, I don’t want to go. Not one of those kids. Life’s me. Teachers don’t like

me either. The monster, so I don’t care. You have to get up. You have to get dressed. You have to go to school while me one reason why. Okay, I’ll tell you to here’s the first one. You are 42 years old. You’re too old for this. Furthermore, you’re the principle.

It’s not always easy to give it up. But one of the power of God helps us to give all of a sudden our hearts. And think. We need to experience this new life of heart. We need the help of law, not only

that churches need to experience new life. Church members go through the resurrection and they come back and then rise passage, all lit up and on fire her Christ’s we can know churches need to go through a resurrection too. If people don’t go through a resurrection navy Hinson window at age. And I wanted to tell you the churches that don’t go through a resurrection, they likewise began to dwindle. And the

age. Because we are created event for the power of God to flow through. I’ve told you about this before center for parents to go to church growth, principled center for Peres development as a research organization in Chicago. So 20 years or more ago they studied the cause of why churches, rogue American. They put together a sample of churches

all across the nation every time rural city every race, you David every difference theologically liberal conservative. When study those churches and everything, somebody said, this is why were throwing they wrote those characteristics. Dale? Then they created a matching sample would churches where. The church was not growing. And every time they found the characteristic, there was on the growing list that was on the growing list.

They took it off the list because you know whenever that was by then a wonderful thing. But it wasn’t essential. When they came down, there was only one essential characteristic of every growing church right there on the screen. The lady are excited. Remember that gas that gets excited and it gives off line. The lady are excited about

what. About what is happening in their church? Now, this guy who’s jumping off that class, I don’t think we need to get that excited. Good friends. If we’re alive in will begin to get excited about something. Maybe it’ll be the Browning’s you’ll be able to enjoy after church this morning.

You’ll be excited about something, maybe it’ll be the Easter egg hunt that the children after 42 years old, you’re too old. Maybe it’ll be the Easter egg hunt, but if price people get excited. Churches go through resurrection, why word enthusiasm for another good word for excitement? It literally means God or filled with John.

Churches need to go through resurrection too. We are not bit can do this on our own strain. But because God’s our woes room. This is the saying, our Thurman what? What’s the excitement? They simply this don’t ask what the world needs. Don’t ask, what the church beams don’t ask, what pastor days needs. Asked what makes you come alive? What could be more like a

resurrection than that asked? What makes you come alive at go do it? Because what the world needs to see in the church? As proof that our faith is true, what the world needs to see in the church’s, this is people who have come. Our friends, there’s going to be hard days. Sometimes it’s hard to get. Things happened in life

could just make you feel beaten up. Good morning. But the power of God help us rise up. When it’s beyond our own strength. But you know, there’s another reason. Sometimes it’s hard to get up because we haven’t learned how to walk. That’s why we have certain that’s why we have bible study. To teaches for that means to be alive and cries, and then

learn how to take those first steps. And keep at it. Until we can really. But sometimes it’s not your own fault that you can’t get up. You’re just not quite ready hand. But when your brain. We need God’s power. Two foot. Because you see it’s time to lead a new line.

There’s something planted in your heart. There’s something that God is planted in your life, and God wants to see it move in world because they’ve Easter ins happen. Anything? I don’t know what problems you might phase of life, but guess what if these two through anything is possible? I don’t know what difficulties, but person you love the person you’re

closest to the person to worry about. I don’t know what they’re going through, but I wanted to tell you if the Easter is happened, anything is possible. Because Jesus Christ is alive and he lives in your heart. His wife to shine out from your heart. And our whole world can change. Because he is not know the tomb. He is a long.

Please pray. Lord, Jesus, if we’re that little child, we we don’t really quite understand what it means to walk, let alone to run. And if we’re a little child in our faith, we don’t really quite understand what it means for Jesus Christ, the live in our hearts and shine out through it. But Lord, at the right time, we’ll be ready to take those first steps of thing.

And so war, just as Jesus came into the heart of Billy grade. And Billy Graham spent his whole life inviting people to have that relationship with crime. Just as the Lord Jesus Christ, when throat John Wesley head in the John Wesley spot. Lord, Jesus, you want to live in our hearts as well. And so I’ve prayed for your people for this church for all the

churches. I pray that your life would shine out from artist. And I asked to. In the name of the board. Jesus. Neither is the song and talks about God willing to grow something in it. And it’s a beautiful song. You may not know it, and we’re not going to sing it till after can

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