MONDAY SCHOOL for Pentecost, September 17, 2017, #1

roz_savage.jpgMORNING PRAYERS … the story of Roz Savage, the daughter of two Methodist pastors, and her goal to row across the Atlantic Ocean, 3000 miles all by herself. It helps put the disciples – 12 men – rowing 4 miles across the Sea of Galilee – into perspective.

Her video of the voyage starts at 4:35 of the presentation.

Wikipedia: “On 14 March 2006 she completed the first leg by finishing the Atlantic Rowing Race as the only solo female competitor, taking 103 days to complete the crossing. This she did unsupported, despite breaking all four of her oars and having to row with patched-up oars for more than half the race. Her cooking stove failed after only 20 days, then her navigation equipment and music player. She managed to maintain her daily weblog right up until day 80 when her satellite phone failed, leaving only the movement detected by her positional transponder. Despite all this, and the danger of having to cut off the rope to her failed sea anchor in 12-foot (3.7 m) waves, she arrived safely at the finish in Antigua. She is only the 5th woman to row solo across the Atlantic from East to West.”


What’s the farthest you’ve ever rowed a boat?

What’s the farthest you’ve walked?


The photo is from here:  .The article at this link is by Jon Bowermaster, was published April 13, 2010 and is entitled “30 Days of OCEANS: Roz Savage.”

Watch Roz’ TED talk here:

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